The ultimate academic destination of the institution is not simply to give the nation run-of-the-mill engineers, but, to strengthen the nation into a knowledge superpower by creating, world-class engineer-leaders and engineer-managers. This destination cannot be reached if the institution sleeps upon its laurels due to technological complacencies, beaurocratic bottle necks and intellectual stagnation. Suitable strategies should be formulated so as to create a congenial environment to tap the dormant potential and capture the original minds of the students. Action plans must be evolved so as to make the institution a self-sufficient research centre where there will not be much need to bank upon borrowed knowledge for long, but to generate an inexhaustible well-spring of indigenous technologies. Stereo-typed, conventional, hackneyed and rigid methods of coaching should be replaced by more innovative, flexible and interesting concepts of enlightening the students who hail from diverse levels, cultures and backgrounds.


Value Access to education and embrace opportunities to utilize advanced technology and ingenuity to provide students with highest quality education.


To develop a centre of excellence in the field of Engineering & Technology, thereby equip the students aiming for the peak of quality to become future technocrats.